Brake Service & Systems
Brake Service Erie, PA

Brake Service in Erie, PA

Did you know that your vehicle’s brake system is composed of two systems – Hydraulics and Friction Materials?

Here is a quick look at what goes into these systems:


• Master Cylinder
• Brake Lines and Hoses
• Wheel Cylinders and Calipers

Friction Materials

• Disc Brake Pads 
• Drum Brake Shoes

Types of Brakes

Here is a list of different types of brakes you have in your vehicle:

• Disc Brakes • Drum Brakes • The Parking Brake

There is also a system built for safety in your car that is a computer-controlled anti-lock braking system (ABS). This helps your wheel from locking up when you make a sudden stop.

If you need to have your vehicle’s brake system checked, Trust in Lehman's Airport Service. Our professional team is here to help, offering our tune ups and auto repairs in a professional and quick manner. Our brake services, offered to the entire Erie, PA area, are prompt and reliable.

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