Shocks and Struts

Suspension Repair in Erie, PA

Your car’s suspension and steering systems’ main function is to allow the wheels to move independently of the car, while keeping it suspended and stable. When there is an uncontrolled motion in these systems it can result in a deterioration of handling and accelerated tire wear. Vehicle alignment is closely tied to the condition of the suspension and steering systems. So, if you notice something from your vehicle alignment, please come into our shop. Our professionals will take a look and let you know if your car is in need of suspension repair service.

Steering and Suspension System Explained

Steering Systems

The main components of a conventional system are:

  • Steering Gear Box
  • Center Link
  • Pitman Arm
  • Idler Arm
  • Tie Rods

The main components of a Rack and Pinion steering system are:

  • Rack and Pinion Assembly
  • Bellows Boots
  • Tie Rods

Suspension System

The main components of the suspension system are:

  • Control Arms
  • Ball Joints
  • Springs (Coil or Leaf)
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Struts

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